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Post 62 - The Delta-Bravo Slip Fault

Posted on Mon Sep 21st, 2020 @ 9:31pm by Commodore Kudred Valyn & Commander Aarven Ashatia & Lieutenant Commander Grace Winters & Lieutenant Mine-runner

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Location: Forward Sail - Level B - Delta-Bravo Operations
Timeline: Day 10 (After "Short Fuse, Hard Rock")

[Forward Sail - Level B - Delta-Bravo Operations]
[Day 10]

Aarven made her way through the station towards Operations, she was heated and was after Winters. She was tired of her meddling and jeopardizing the station. She had entered she looked around for a moment until she spotted Winters by a console.

"What gives you the right to interfere with my work! Are you trying to get us fucking killed Winters!" She yelled looking at her fuming mad as she was very close to Winters.

Rather than react, Winters continued to calmly tap commands into her console. Eventually, once she had finished her task, she looked up at the angry engineer.

"Obviously not. What a ridiculous statement to make," she replied calmly before turning and walking away from Aarven, across the centre of Ops and towards the collection of raised consoles assigned to strategic operations.

"Are you that stupid! Having the Kladiv and Mine-runner divert power to the shielding which caused power fluctuations in the weapons that have been installed." She yelled looking at her, "Your lucky I didn't test them yet, that would have gone one of two ways so please listen very carefully!" she said pissed off and it showed, "one it could have caused a major power surge bringing down everything on this station." She said as she looked at her, "two it could have blown us all to pieces!" She added as she growled.

"Now I suggest you stop trying to interfere! Your going to get us all killed if you fucking keep it up do I make myself very clear Lieutenant Commander!" She said walking up to Winters, "I am sick and tired of it!" She finished just as the doors opened, she didn't pay any mind who it was.

Winters turned back towards the Bajoran officer and almost sighed. "I don't know what you're talking about Aarven. Now please, get your angry, offensive, obnoxious little personality away from me and go back downstairs and repair something." She turned away and ascended the short flight of stairs to the strategic ops station.

"You are stupid, you asked Kladiv to divert power to the shielding he said so himself, which I am inclined to believe because you seemed to love interfering with my work!" She yelled following her not letting it go. "Maybe you need to go to sickbay to have your memory checked!" she added, "Now I got to fix what you had done which is going to take longer to fix what has been done! We are scheduled to have Starfleet Systems installed starting tomorrow." She added, "Now let's hope I can get that reversed so I can!" she yelled as she heard a voice from behind her but didn't stop.

Winters turned back to face Aarven at the top of the steps, her face still impassive. She leaned closer to the engineer so that she wouldn't be overheard by anyone else in Ops.

"Aarven," she began calmly. "Allow me to give you two pieces of advice. Firstly, stop acting as if you're the only person around here that knows what they're doing. Because seriously, you're not."

"And secondly, and probably more importantly - given how far away from the Alpha Quadrant we are and the fact that a great deal of our younger and more junior personnel will most likely be feeling quite unsure of themselves and possibly very sad and incredibly homesick right now - perhaps you should think about actually behaving like a senior officer for a change rather than just wearing the rank insignia of one. From what I've seen of you so far - specifically in terms of your behaviour, your language and your appalling leadership - quite frankly you're an embarrassment to the uniform and you should be ashamed of yourself."

"If you knew what you were doing then you should have known that diverting power would jepordize the station. That could have waited until we were able to get Starfleet Systems installed and everything working like it should. Not half ass-backward!" She said looking at angry, "Secondly, if people are sad and homesick there is such a thing as a counselor, I could really care less we are here to do a job and nothing more." She added as she rolled her eyes at her stupidity.

"The only thing I am ashamed of is you, stop meddling in my department and let us get this station up instead of trying to undermine it." She added, "I am not here to please anyone so I really could care less about people's 'feelings' especially yours" She added looking at her as she crossed her arms as to not to be tempted to punch the women.

The mass of silica and a handful of other organic compounds entered into Ops with the familiar swish of the doors. "There will be," the voice from Mine-runner's UT filling the space in it's booming tone, dialed up a few notches so that everyone could hear him and hopefully he'd only have to say this once, "no fighting in my Operations center!" Calling it his might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but he was the station's Chief of Operations. The Horta slithered closer to the two arguing women. "Comport yourselves like officers and less like slip faults!" And it would seem that rank was out with the slag as well."

Winters ignored the arrival of the Horta officer. "You're a disgrace," she said to Aarven. "This conversation is over." Turning away from the engineer, Winters moved to a wall console and began a scan.

She didn't pay much mind to the Horta, "Fine it's over!" She growled as she went to walk towards the door as she seen Kudred walk in. "Oh and Winters have fun fixing the station by yourself!" She yelled as she walked out but right before she did she punched the bulkhead. "Since you know everything!" She finished as the doors began to close on her.

Kudred, a stern and mirthless expression drawn across his ashen features, positioned himself exactly before the full-blooded Bajoran, there being only one route in and out of the station's command centre, an icy glare offered to her that gave him a true aura as a son of Cardassia.

"Commander Aarven," he began coldly, his voice little more than a whisper, a complete contrast to the extreme aggression of the engineer's, "you will join me in the command duty office immediately." Unless Aarven decided to take a physical course of action with the XO, there was no opportunity for her to move past Kudred. He raised his hand to slowly gesture towards his office, but his piercing gaze never deviated from the commander.

She looked at him for a moment before looking away, she couldn't get past him and she wasn't go to try to push her way past him as she knew he was a bit stronger then she was. "Fine!" she growled and stormed off towards his office. Once she walked in she stood by the window and didn't say another word.

Kudred did not immediately move. Instead, his gaze shifted from the departing commander to the gathered officers that had witnessed the outburst. Whilst he displayed no outward embarrassment, his stern expression spoke bounds alone.

"As you were," he stated in the same voice he had used for Aarven. "Lieutenant Mine-runner, please take command of ops," he added, making up most of the distance to the CDO office, his decision to place the Horta in command over Winters clearly not an oversight, not that he yet addressed the human woman. As he reached the doorway, he paused and looked briefly back to the others, a dark shadow over his eyes. "Do not disturb me unless it is an emergency."

A mission post by

Commodore Kudred Valyn
Executive Officer

Commander Aarven Ashatia
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Commander Grace Winters
Chief Strategic Operations Officer


Lieutenant Mine-runner
Chief Operations Officer


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