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Post 61 - The Hazari Culmination

Posted on Mon Sep 7th, 2020 @ 9:34pm by Commodore Kudred Valyn & Commander Aarven Ashatia & Lieutenant Orson Beckett Ph.D

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Location: Forward Sail - Level B - Command Duty Office
Timeline: Day 9 - 1730 Hours

[Delta-Bravo - Mithrar System]
[Forward Sail - Level B - CDO Office]
[Day Nine - 1730 Hours]

Commodore Kudred looked at the two senior officers sat in the only guest chairs he had thus far managed to procure for the command duty office. A lot of the equipment was still the leftover Turei pieces, although some temporary objects and systems had been brought over from the Archangel, whom they continued to slave many operations to the computer of. Commander Aarven, one of the two officers sat opposite him, had been working diligently with little rest, but her estimations were still conservative.

Kudred, of course, was largely accepting of this, even if there continued to be some chafing between those occupying the shared space.

"Thank you both for joining me," he said, settling into his own chair, "as I know you are both busy establishing your respective departments and continuing the hard work. However, I am anxious to learn what you've uncovered regarding the Hazari vessel," he looked at them both, "as well as what our Hazari guest had to say." This time, Kudred looked more meaningfully at Beckett. "The vessel first, please."

"My team wasn't able to uncover much of anything internally, once we were able to get their systems online it seems they had everything wiped." Aarven replied looking at Kudred, "they had no luck in trying to restore it either." She added before finishing.

Beckett frowned, "My team and I also similarly fell short when it came to the vessel. My computer specialist tried everything she could to recover the lost data but they had done a good job, another thought we had was to run tests on the micro-organisms and minerals on the exterior of the ship but it came back inconclusive. Our theory at the moment however was that this ship was transported here by a carrier and made a short journey from that location rather than the smaller vessels traveling from say a starbase or planet."

Kudred's eyes narrowed just slightly as he listened carefully to both reports, having nodded a little at the additional effort made by the scientific department to increase their opportunities to locate an origin for the vessel.

"Deeply unfortunate," he assessed, bringing a finger and thumb up to his lip thoughtfully, assessing the information currently available to them. There were a lot of balls being juggled at the moment, what with the restoration of the station, installation of an entire task force into the locale and the investigation into the recent 'mercenary' attack. The Turei did not seem to be making things any easier.

"Their group or leadership is clearly well-organised," the commodore added, his hand briefly coming away to gesture as he spoke. "This is not a rabble of opportunistic pirates, so much as a dark legion of privateers, if what we are currently learning is any indication. Heavily-armed, well-structured, dedicated and tactically-minded, the Hazari's masters and allies are serious about their prize. It is unfortunate the Turei and their castellans are not as minded as our Commander Winters about their potential threat."

Concluding his little aloud assessment, Kudred addressed Beckett more directly now. "Mister Beckett, alongside the Turei astrogation specialists, I would like you to determine if there are any spatial anomalies of note that could be used to mask the presence of such a carrier safely, or even if Underspace is a likely avenue of assault. Whilst I would like to think the Turei are masters of that realm, I mistrust their current claims, as I know the admiral does, too."

A slightly more curious look then developed on his ashen-Cardassian features. "Of course, before we even explore that avenue, I understand you've had a more involved conversation with our guest in the infirmary?"

"That's correct," Orson started, before then continuing, the pause adding a slight dramatic flare. "The Hazari has agreed to take us, Starfleet, to the location at which he was recruited providing however we grant his freedom. Beyond that he was less than forthcoming."

Kudred did not lose that thoughtful visage. "A mercenary's heart," he said, "but one that does not quite cling to its honour as a Klingon would. Perhaps their reputation has been exaggerated - or perhaps it is some other ploy." He looked more purposefully to the science officer, who was already proving his worth beyond the usual remit of his department. "Thank you, Lieutenant. I will discuss the matter with the admiral; I imagine we will need to get some confirmation from the Turei before we can take any sort of unilateral action... and I am hesitant to let the Hazari go loose. We have ships in the local sectors that can assist in this matter."

He then addressed them both. "Continue to conduct work around the Hazari vessel and learn what we can from it, as well as whatever the Hazari wish to do with it. Whatever we uncover will make a fine addition to our records. Otherwise, security and the Turei will take immediate responsibility for the Hazari himself." His eyes flicked between them. "Is there any other business?"

Aarven listened quietly, "No not at this time." Ashatia replied while looking at the Commodore and the Lieutenant. She was ready for some sleep, as she looked like hell and was beginning to show.

Kudred nodded, satisfied, as Beckett did not present any further information, either. "Thank you, both. Dismissed."

He watched them both depart with a thoughtful expression, still assessing the situation that had been presented to them regarding the Hazari complications. Aarven and her team continued to work tirelessly to bring the station into working order and to make it a serviceable home and port for Starfleet, but the cracks were beginning to show in her health and how alert she was. Beckett, for his part, seemed to remain eager and helpful, and the commodore made a mental note to provide the science department with further tasks during these earliest stages of establishing Delta-Bravo.

With the doors closing, and having received a quick nod from Commander Saresh, the watch officer, Kudred activated the terminal he still had slaved to the Archangel's computer and systems. "Computer," he began, "display the location of the USS Elysion and open a channel to Captain Ransom."

They would soon discover the true extent of the Hazari's complicity with the mercenaries.

A mission post by

Commodore Kudred Valyn
Task Force Executive Officer, Delta-Bravo

Commander Aarven Ashatia
Task Force Chief Engineer, Delta-Bravo


Lieutenant Orson Beckett
Chief Science Officer, Delta-Bravo


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