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Post 63 - Ponder or Pounce

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 9:25pm by Commodore Kudred Valyn & Lieutenant JG Dinui Kindle

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Location: Main Hull - Level G - Medium Docking Platforms
Timeline: Day 10 - 1200 Hours

[Delta-Bravo - Mithrar System]
[Main Hull - Level G - Medium Docking Platforms]
[Day 10 - 1200 Hours]

Patrolling was becoming more routine and Dinui was finding more areas that she definitely wanted to revisit in her feline form. Problem was, she hadn't opened up with the Command staff and had not gotten permission to go walkabout in her feline form. She understood that a lot of Isiseans didn't trust normal humans or anyone else who didn't change their form. She trusted most folks to a point, until she was certain it wasn't going to end up with her in a cage or worse.

There had a been a few Isiseans in recent years that had been maimed by their getting declawed; they hadn't forgotten or forgiven those responsible. Dinui didn't blame them either. Still, she wanted to do her job and satisfy her unending curiosity.

Dinui needed to talk about going around in her feline form with at least the First Officer. It was a matter of timing to try and bring it up without causing an issue. At least, or unless, they had the clearance and already knew. That was the tricky part; she didn't know what they already knew, or what she needed to clarify.

Fortunately, Commodore Kudred's yeoman had managed to arrange a time for Kindle to meet him in short order.

[Forward Sail - Level B - Starfleet Operations]
[1230 Hours]

Lieutenant Kindle had arrived in the operations centre dedicated to Starfleet operations both inside and out of the Anchorage, being the actual beating heart of the Delta-Bravo assignment, just a short while after. Whilst a few officers glanced up from their duty stations, including a number of high-ranking figures that served in the upper echelons of Task Force 38's command structure, she had largely received a series of nods and muted greetings. The majority, given they had only recently truly begun setting up the headquarters, seemed engaged in technical work, still shifting over from temporary machinery and computers over to an established command centre.

Making her away across the room, she saw the large doorway that led to the command duty officer's office, unmanned and with a windowed doorway that provided a thin opportunity to peer inside. As she pressed the chime, it was only a second before a voice summoned the security officer in.

Sat behind the broad and tarnished desk, which was apiece with the rest of the half-furnished, dishevelled-looking chamber, was a Starfleet flag officer, garbed in the crimson-shouldered command division tunic. He looked up from the portable terminal that had been placed on the old table before him and nodded a quick greeting to his guest.

"Good afternoon, Lieutenant," Commodore Kudred said, gesturing to one of the two mismatched chairs that were positioned opposite him. "Please, take a seat. I apologise that the office is in a bit of a state; the previous occupants made no effort to keep the place presentable, and the Turei had seemed quite content to ignore the aesthetics of our gifted wing of the manor."

The half-Cardassian flag officer glanced over to the nearby kettle and cups. "I would offer you some tea, but I've found myself running short on supplies this past day. The replicators still are not functioning up here and I've not yet brought anything more over from the Archangel." He offered a thin smile to Kindle. "Ensign Mehra said there was something of importance you needed to discuss with me? I usually make a point of learning a little about officers before I meet them but, as you can see, things have been a little... frenetic."

Dinui grinned cheekily at him as she sat down with a graceful, smooth motion. She had chosen the blue cushioned chair over the yellow one out of pure mischief. "I am not concerned about the office decor not being up to what a brand new posting usually is, sir," she added as she looked at his desk and shook her head softly. "I don't care for tea usually myself, but I thank you for the thought."

"Thinking is something I do in abundance, Lieutenant," Kudred replied, having watched the red-haired woman's oddly-selective nature with the two chairs. If there was a question in relation to that, he kept to himself, and closed the Starfleet laptop on his desk, amber eyes watching only Kindle. "Please, tell me what thoughts have brought you to my office, such that it is?"

Dinui regarded him a moment and figured she would try the easiest approach and offered him a PaDD with her full record and the details of her feline form, including her time spent as mascot; rooting out traitors and otherwise difficult persons who had been against the ship she had been assigned to. She sat at ease in the chair, allowing him to read at his choosing.

The commodore had accepted the PADD with a curious glance to Kindle, and he settled back into his chair to examine its contents silently. After just a couple of minutes reading, Kudred's eyes visibly flitting across the details as he presumably skim-read the basic details, he placed the device down, palm resting on it, and looked back to his guest.

"A shapeshifter, of sorts," he finally observed, his tone clearly interested. "There are so few of you in the Federation, let alone in Starfleet, Lieutenant Kindle. This is thoroughly captivating and your species is a marvel, but I am somewhat wondering why you felt you needed to personally inform me." Kudred's eyes searched Kindle's, perhaps seeking out some meaning.

"I would like to explore the station in my feline form. I want to check it for curiosity's sake and to double-check to be sure that others of my race who aren't on friendly terms won't be able to cause mischief, without some sort of warning in place." She said lightly but honestly. Dinui didn't beat around the bush unless she was in a particularly difficult mood.

"I don't consider myself a 'shifter; when I am human, I am human. When I am a cat, I am still myself, with my full sense of self." Dinui paused a moment to add lightly, "I wasn't sure if you were aware of my ability already or not, and I would rather not be accused of being traitorous or something else - nor do I want to end up in a cage while going walkabout." She figured if nothing else, her cards were on the table and it was now his 'okay' or denial of the request, unless he offered a different suggestion.

The commodore had listened intently, one ashen-grey finger resting on his lip as his thumb thoughtfully stroked one of the 'Fu Manchu' beard tendrils that tapered down from near his mouth. Flecks of grey had begun to fade his Cardassian-black hair, a sign of his creeping middle ages.

"I am not in the business of dictating how people should live their lives, Lieutenant," Kudred said after a few moments, gesturing towards Kindle with his hand, now taken away from his beard. "And far be it from me to force someone to resist their natural state of being. Had I wanted for such things, I would never have left Cardassia. However, whilst I could not condone you using your talents to access locations you otherwise would not, apart from during the line of duty, I think a lot of what you're discussing comes down to how freely you wish to share information regarding your abilities to the wider station public."

The hand that had been resting on the PADD picked it up once again and his amber eyes examined it again just briefly before he looked back to the lieutenant. "Should you decide to explore the station in your feline form without the local shopkeepers and guild folk being aware of your dual nature, you may end up in a cage - or worse. There appears to be plenty of vermin scurrying around the lower decks of this station, and I'm unsure of what sort of distinction the Turei and others will make regarding Terran cats."

Dinui nodded, "Well there are two ways to deal with it, as least from previous experience, I am willing to agree to have a keeper assigned, whom will know of my full abilities and a select few to have basic knowledge." She said gently, before she added while regarding him curiously, "Unless you think it would serve to improve our interactions to be completely transparent with our allies on the base?"

Kudred pondered that for a moment longer. Eventually, a small smile parted his lips. "Your nature is your business, Lieutenant, as I've said. That said, I believe it appropriate that I share this information with the Turei administrator. It seems to me that the Turei are a generally serious and private people. I do not believe they will divulge more than is necessary - and I hope, from how you conduct yourself, it will not be necessary for me to divulge anything further to anyone, either."

With a tap, Kudred deactivated the PADD and pushed it back towards the security officer. "Share with others what you care to, but please do not put us in a position where we need to explain the morphing alien cat sleeping on their beds." He leant back in his chair and resumed attending to his beard. "Use the good judgement bequeathed to you by nature, Lieutenant."

Dinui laughed softly, "I promise no one will be complaining about my feline form." She didn't make it a habit to just go feline around just anyone without an extremely good reason.

Kudred nodded and offered another slight smile. "Good day, Miss Kindle. Dismissed."

Dinui nodded smiling cheekily as she got up and picked up the PaDD she had shown him. "Thank you Sir, see you around."

A mission post by

Commodore Kudred Valyn
Executive Officer
Delta-Bravo, Task Force 38


Lieutenant JG Dinui Kindle
Security Officer


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