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Post 64 - Fire and Kindle

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 9:30pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Xal Ra-Movraii & Lieutenant JG Dinui Kindle

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Location: Main Hull - Level H - Commercial Piazza
Timeline: Day 10 - 1600 Hours

[Delta-Bravo - Mithrar System]
[Main Hull - Level H - Commercial Piazza]
[Day 10 - 1600 Hours]

Dinui finished her patrol of the deck and was intending to head for the lift. The repairs and clean up had come a long way since her arrival. The Bajorans that had wanted to set up a temple had needed a reminder that this wasn't the time yet. She didn't really get it herself; she didn't follow any particular faith. Her code was simple: do the right thing, protect what was yours, keep any secrets you're told while you're a cat, and a few others that mattered to her, such as being careful of whom she trusted with knowledge of the duality of her life - and never leaving a crewmate behind.

Dinui understood that some folks needed to worship their gods or whatever. Once the base was safe, she would be more than willing to check it out for curiosity's sake. And patrol, to be certain that nothing went on that shouldn't.

Dinui finished her circuit and walked to the lift. As she reached out to hit the call button, she stepped back as she heard it already coming in to stop. The noise it made wasn't pleasant but it was enough to make it easy to recognize it was incoming or stopping. Though she was betting that the rest of the Fleet engineering department or operations team was going to work on decreasing the amount of noise. She honestly thought it wasn't a necessity. It gave an advantage, in her opinion.

The hatchway opened, the thick frame and grizzled features of the first colleague Kindle had met on the station greeting her. "Red!" Chief Ra-Movraii growled, a toothy, garish smile briefly offered to the more diminutive security officer. He stepped out, and by the way he began encouraging her away from the lift, he clearly intended to take her with him. "Seems to be you're settling in already, eh?"

Dinui grinned cheekily up at Cal, "Not settled yet but getting used to the layout yes." She fell into step with him, curious as ever.

They stepped past a small stall manned by a young alien, his species not known to Kindle, who quickly offered up a small piece of fresh fruit to passing Efrosian, who nodded and quickly thanked the lad. "A kova," Ra-Movraii said, tossing the small green fruit over to his companion as they seemed to begin pacing through the route she had already patrolled that day. "That boy - Keeli - his family ships them into the Anchorage. I found him and his stall in a mess after the attack. Helped them get back setup - and caught a couple of other lads that were helping themselves to some of the unprotected stock. Seems folk out here aren't so different from some of those back home - only there hasn't been any Federation to give the illusion of law."

Dinui frowned slightly as she glanced back at the kid, he was she guessed in his mid-teens if that. "Why aren't his parents at the stall and him in school?" She asked as she held the fresh green fruit. It wasn't like a pear or apple, nor was it like a kiwi fruit. She took a tiny tentative bite and looked at Xal as the bit of fruit released it's flavor on her tongue.

Ra-Movraii huffed. "Don't they have weekends where you come from?" He said, not looking over to his companion. Instead, he returned a few nods and smiles with curt recognition of his own, apparently already having made some headway with the locals, although he lent no voice to provide detail to any assumptions. Instead, he led them around another corner in the piazza.

Dinui grinned as she took another bite from the Kova fruit.
After she finished chewing she nodded her head, "Yeah I remember being a pest myself on weekend breaks. My parents were happier when I was busy with schooling."

Further along, there was a symbol adorning a stiff metal banner, suspended from a pole that jutted out from one of the cleaner and better-attended units. Near to that was another unit with a similar, albeit grander, symbol. Turei officers, wearing the dark grey of their security personnel, were either standing or milling around nearby.

Ra-Movraii pointed up to them. "If you haven't swung by yet, that's the Turei constabulary and the station reeve's office. He's a sort-of magistrate for the sector, but he doesn't bother himself much with us or the constables, it seems. He probably should, but it's nice to know us low-down grunts are trusted with some of the, uhh, less-fine points of law. On the frontier, that's no bad thing."

Dinui nodded her head as she listened to his explanation. She had seen it during her patrol but hadn't felt it would be welcome to go inside, without an invitation.

The Efrosian rolled his sleeves up a little as they continued their little walk, the distance between them and the constabulary closing. Whereas people had been giving Ra-Movraii a wide berth during Kindle's initial meeting with him, he had already managed to make a few friends in the short time he had been on the station, and they were also offering her a few nods of approval, too.

"You got much experience in places like this, Red?" The chief then asked her. "Any 'specialist' skills you're keeping hidden? Must have something going for you, with all that Academy education."

Dinui laughed softly, "Everyone has some secret," she added with a cheekily cheerful grin at him showing off a dimple. "I specialized in investigation and Infiltration. What skills are your specialty?" She asked as she looked around them, something about the layout wasn't as streamlined as it usually was but she wasn't certain if it was residual from the repairs or something else entirely.

Although his face and tone remained deadpan, Ra-Movraii answered, "Finding out secrets," but he did not look at Kindle as he made the quip. Instead, he brought them up to the constables, who all seemed fairly positive about the arrival of the two Starfleet security officers, even if smiles did not quite spread across their queerly-hued faces. Clearly, they had been brief extensively enough about the new arrivals to not be surprised or concerned about them - a couple already seemed to recognise Ra-Movraii.

"Lieutenant, a word of advice from an old noncom, if you will?" He said, turning and looking down at her from his taller stature.

Dinui nodded as she looked up at him, she had hoped that he trusted her enough to call her by her name or Red or something else than her rank. She always took advise even if she didn't always follow it. She never turned down a chance to learn something she didn't already know.

"Whilst we've got our own offices and all that being set up in the forward sail, this station is theirs," Ra-Movraii explained, quietly enough so that the constables could not hear them. "They're the lifeblood of this piazza, the cornerstone of their community and order. They've worked here, in some way or another, for years. They know every slum, every dodgy dealer and every snitch that could tip us off to those that want to sabotage paradise. So, my advice, Red?" He gestured to the constabulary office with a nod of his head. "Get yourself in there, with these thief-takers. Talk to them. Get on some patrols with them. Feel some pockets, turn over some of their regulars. Might even make yourself some friends."

Dinui grinned cheekily at him, "Do you think if I just ask they'd let me join or do you think I should try finding back door and offering help?" Her voice was pitched as low as his but her eyes were bright with a gaming gleam, nothing she liked more than a challenge and chance to show just how versatile her skills were, she could get things accomplished when given options or least ideas to start off with.

Ra-Movraii shrugged a little, although it seemed like a large gesture, coming from the broad man. "The Turei are a suspicious and private bunch, but they know when they need help - and they do need help. Our help. We've just got to be careful to not rub it in their faces. More than enough antipathy already running rampant in this sector, and there's no need for us Alpha Quadrant aliens to make it worse, eh?"

He gave the other security officer a little nudge. Again, this was a little more exaggerated, courtesy of his bulk compared to hers. He pointed to a nearby vendor. "Get ourselves some of the local brew, eh? I hear the Turei mulch down some kind of bean that isn't too dissimilar from the caffeinated drinks the humans and Klingons gorge on."

Dinui grinned cheekily up at him, "I'll buy but you owe me one secret." She added a moment later, "I have one I would share with you but not here. So if you don't trust the environment we will wait to trade secrets another time. Fair enough for you?"

Ra-Movraii raised a curious (perhaps bemused) thick brow at the younger woman. "Sure, Red," he said, leading the way over. "Secrets make the galaxy go round, right?"

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Lieutenant JG Dinui Kindle
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Senior Chief Xal Ra-Movraii
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