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Person log 1 - First Encounters

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 1:50pm by Lieutenant Orson Beckett Ph.D

[At Warp - Delta Quadrant]
[USS Archangel - Temporary Quarters]
[Day Six - 1330 Hours (Ship Time)]

Sitting down in front of his Library Computer Access/Retrieval System or more commonly known as LCARS Orson pressed the power button and watched the system boot. He took a sidewards glance to his holo-photo emitter which was currently showing his family at Christmas, before the image changed, however, the computer beeped asking for his information which he inputs quickly.

The screen came to life and displayed his own configured computer top with links that took him to the general information exchange, or also known as the 'GieX' most scientists used when looking for information it was a self-maintained system that users uploaded data and were often more up to date that the ships own computer due to the nature of the user updates however now cut off from the Alpha quadrant he would have to update it every time the wormhole opened.

The tab he chose this time was the one to the recording software, immediately the image of himself appeared his sparsely decorated quarters in the background. Instead of speaking, he pressed the record button and at the bottom, the time began to tick by.

[[Start Log - Orson-Alpha-One]]

"Day six in the Delta quadrant and as anticipated so far our arrival hasn't caused any hostile actions, not that I was excepting it. Starfleet's early missions into this region of space have been met mostly with success with of course Voyager being an exception.

I have already met some of the crew to the soon be occupied 'Delta-Bravo' station all in turn bringing their own interesting character traits to our band of merry men and women. I think the most interesting would be Commodore Kudred Valyn our conversation was particularly enlightening and I look forward to further encounters with our ranking officer. Further to the commodore I also had the brief and somewhat... different conversation with Captain Corwell our resident El-Alurien he carries as much baggage as the entier task force but I plan on breaking that rough exterior.

Commander Aarven Ashatia was a particularly enjoyable meeting, she had easily identified me from behind the lounges bar during one of my mixology experiments, she is an interesting individual, with probably one of the most demanding jobs to start as being the task force chief engineer but I am sure she is more than capable to carry out her role.

And finally, that brings me onto Lieutenant, Daisy, Peters. If I was to use the phrase 'Sugar and spice and all things nice' it would be a massive understatement on my part, Miss Peters is a young and jubilant human being which had been seemingly set upon me by the aforementioned Captian. There encounter would have been a quiet and interesting delight to foresee. That said and so help be god, I think she's a sweet girl who unlike the rest of us sees all the good in the world, we should all take a page from her book at times.

I hope to have a more interesting report to upload as the current senior scientist in the Delta Quadrant, but due to our communications routine, you will likely receive 2-5 logs each cycle, until perhaps we discover a more efficient way. For now, I will leave you all with a paraphrase from Robert A. Heinlein. "Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done."

[[End Log]]

Orson leaned forward again and paused the recording, saving it and putting it into the file he would upload in the next wormhole cycle. The computer system went into standby mode leaving the scientist in the quiet room. "Computer Play When you believe" Behind him the slow start to a song reverberated around his room.

A personal log by

Lieutenant Orson Beckett
Chief Science Officer