TF38HQ - Mithrar Anchorage


General Items
Mithrar Anchorage Configuration (Deck Listing)   Mithrar Anchorage is a commercial and defensive Turei installation, situated in the Mithrar sector and on the edges of the controlled space of the Turei Alliance. There is a nexus of Underspace entry points close to the station, which the Anchorage monitors, and exists to manage the products and concepts that are brought to and from this vast subspace network.

[Level B] Starfleet Operations Centre ("Ops")   Situated in a formerly-disused tower in the 'Forward Sail' of Mithrar Anchorage, the Starfleet contingent has refitted "ops" with Federation technology, although it still retains the 'harder' aesthetic of Turei craftsmanship. The command duty officer (CDO)/officer of the watch has a dedicated office attached to ops.
[Level B] Command Duty Office (CDO)   Attached to the Starfleet command centre on Delta-Bravo - the Turei Mithrar Anchorage - the CDO is reserved for the on-duty officer of the watch managing the day-to-day Starfleet operations at the space station and local sector. Utilising a standardised Starfleet installation, the office makes the best use of all modern Starfleet technology, with little by way of Turei technology or architecture.
[Level C] Task Force Staff Offices   The offices for the leading officers and staff of Task Force 38, headquartered at Delta-Bravo.
[Level D] Starfleet Science Laboratories   The science laboratories manned and managed by the resident Starfleet contingent on Delta-Bravo.
Delta-One - Command Group   The small flotilla of vessels assigned to Delta-Bravo and the surrounding sectors, this "Command Group" comprises of five vessels with specialist purposes, theoretically deployable anywhere within Task Force 38's purview.
Stellar Map - Gradin Belt (TF38 HQ, Delta-One & Delta-Two)   The Gradin Belt region of the Delta Quadrant, the locale where Delta-Bravo is situated and the Delta-One and Delta-Two task groups.
Stellar Map - Delta Quadrant Overview (Voyager Journey, c.2371-2378)   A broad overview of the Delta Quadrant, with the rough regions of Starfleet operation marked out relative to the journey of the USS Voyager.
Barzan Wormhole   The Barzan Wormhole is a formerly-unstable natural wormhole in the Barzan system with a fixed terminus near Barzan II and apertures in the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. Administrated jointly by the Federation and the Barzan people, it is primarily under the control of Task Forces 9 and 38, with Guardian Station operating a fixed verteron array to maintain its stability from the Alpha Quadrant terminus.

The Barzan Wormhole is largely inactive, except for a 1-hour period every thirty days, during which its Alpha Quadrant terminus opens and connects for approximately 30-minute intervals with two apertures, one in the Gradin Belt and the other in the Nacene Reach. Starfleet is continuing to study the subspace dynamics of the wormhole and hopes to increase connection time and frequency. It takes a vessel approximately five minutes to cross the wormhole.

(Kindly adapted from Guardian Station, a fellow Bravo Fleet sim, with minor amendments.)