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Special Envoy Taylor Parkinson

Name Taylor Parkinson

Position Federation Special Envoy

Rank Special Envoy

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half-human/Half-Gideon
Age 35
Date of Birth January 9th, 2364
Place of Birth San Francisco, Earth
Homeworld Earth, United Federation of Planets
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Build Slim
Height 180cm
Weight 58kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Taylor Parkinson is above average in height, made more so by her typical use of heels and her slim figure which accentuates her height. With an Asian phenotype she keeps to the average of dark hair and eye colours.


Partner Fiancee - Jamie Ardern
Parent(s) Mother - Tian Parkinson
Father - Oovan Taruk (Deceased)
Step-Father - Captain Gavin Parkinson III
Sibling(s) Half-sister - Laura Parkinson-Rook
Half-brother - Lieutenant Gavin Parkinson IV
Other Family Brother-in-law - Hank Parkinson-Rook

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taylor Parkinson is a firm believer in the mission of the United Federation of Planets. Her father, while never part of her life, died for the Federation on his first cruise in Starfleet and her step father is a Starfleet Captain who instilled her and her siblings with firm understand of what the Federation was all about.

She's a natural optimist but not naively so. While everything will turn out for the best, it's mainly because people like her work hard to ensure that it does.

While she's open to trust, those that take advantage of it will find that she can carry quiet the grudge and while not vindictive, she will believe a response eventually, when it can be delivered with maximum efficiency and devastation.
Ambitions It's no surprise that Taylor has aspirations on higher officers within the Federation. She never sought Starfleet, instead seeking out the politics of the Federation as her arena. Every role, every assignment she has taken has been to gain experience, gain standing and prestige. One day she'll run for Council Representative of Earth, or maybe just skip that altogether and run for the Presidency.
Hobbies & Interests Tai-chi

Personal History Personal History

Taylor's mother and biological father met in the city of San Francisco, were she was studying civil engineering and he was a Starfleet cadet at the time. A fling in their final years at their respective institutions turned sour when Tian Liu announced she was pregnant and Cadet Oovan Taruk's response was essentially to cut off all communication. Nothing further needs to be stated of the man save that within the year he was dead, killed by a hostile creature on some mist shrouded world.

As for Tian Liu, she graduated and then moved on to Oxford University to attend to her Masters where she encountered a young Lieutenant Gavin Parkinson of Starfleet who was there attending to higher education himself in his native homeland of England. Their relationship could best be described as fairy tale - love at first sight, they just clicked, etc etc. The real blessing came in that Gavin and a young Taylor actually got along.

The couple were married before Taylor's fourth birthday and a year later Taylor's siblings came into the world - Laura and Gavin the Fourth.

Her father was deeply involved in Starfleet Operations and while reassigned to different posts a few times, always managed to land himself with planetary assignments, giving young Taylor a good sampling of the multitude of cultures of the Federation as they traveled, integrated with the local cultures and then moved on to restart the process. Eventually they returned to Earth in Taylor's late teens in time for her to attend Oxford University at the culmination of her secondary schooling.

Majoring in Politics and Interstellar Relations, Taylor proved her political and diplomatic skills as she ran for and won a seat on the student body council, eventually running for the executive in her final year. Graduating with honours, she was forced to put her Masters on hold when she was accepted into the Federation Diplomatic Corp and assigned a minor position within the trade mission on Cardassia. When the mission was reorganised and folded back into the Embassy proper, she stayed on for another year before moving on.

Overall she has managed to complete her Masters, via correspondence, while progressing up the ranks within the Diplomatic Corp, rising from minor functionary to attache, aide-de-comp and recently an Assistant Envoy while managing to serve on multiple postings including Qo'nos, New Romulus and in her own considered opinion back on Earth.

During all this time she met the intrepid Jamie Ardern, an archaeologist with the Federation Science Council and through a quirk of timing continued to run into the other woman on multiple worlds, keeping in contact via subspace when separated. After meeting back in Paris two years ago, it took exactly five minutes into a coffee date for Jamie to propose to Taylor, normally the more dynamic of the two and since then haven't been separated.

With the newly created Special Envoy posting at Mithrar Station, Jamie applied and interviewed for the role, competing with colleagues both distance and close personal friends for the position, winning out just recently and confirmed by the Federation Council upon the President's recommendation of her for the job.

Security Clearance Beta-One: Unlimited access to all station records and computers. Limited access to command functions (except if stated otherwise by Commanding Officer). Access to station systems is limited to duty related functions.
Data Access Level Level 5: Unlimited access to all classified, secret, top-secret, ultra-secret Starfleet or Federation documents and records.
Authorisation Code Parkinson-Diplomatic-Alpha-1-1-6
Command Training N/A
Pilot Licence Grade 2: Authorised to fly auxiliary vessels at low warp.