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Senior Chief Petty Officer Xal Ra-Movraii

Name Xal Ra-Movraii

Position Station 'Constable'
Starfleet/Turei Security Liaison

Second Position Starfleet/Turei Security Liaison

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Efrosian
Age 73
Date of Birth 2326
Place of Birth Efrosia
Homeworld Efrosia
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Build Muscular
Height 6' 4''
Weight 14st
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and broad, Xal cuts an impressive figure, even in his more advanced years, still being committed to an arduous fitness regime that has lent itself to him retaining a thick and sturdy musculature. His long white hair is swept in the traditional Efrosian manner, although he sports a more classic humanoid beard, framing a gruff face that has humour twinkling behind bright green eyes.

Chief Ra-Movraii has a deep baritone voice that he wields to great effect against his fellow enlisted and junior officers alike.


Partner Jhelissa Ra-Movraii (deceased)
Children Xelia Ra-Movraii (deceased)
Unborn son
Parent(s) Xalin Ra-Movraii (deceased)
Mhaurix Ra-Movraii (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Xal Ra-Movraii is a career noncom, having enlisted with Starfleet from a young age and spent his years serving the Federation, for the most part, with fierce loyalty and determination. A hands-on practical man of advanced years, Chief Ra-Movraii has turned his tempestuous nature towards a gruff wisdom, not easily suffering fools but caring deeply about the appropriate tutelage of others.

From his years as an enlisted crewman, Xal has developed a wariness of the commissioned ranks, especially those younger in years, but has nevertheless grown to grudgingly respect select members of the officer cadre. This attitude has lent itself to a certain disinterest and aloofness towards the younger junior officers that deign to give him orders, but whilst he will certainly not baulk at challenging their erroneous decisions, he stops short of true disobedience.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal
+ Brave
+ Good-humoured

- Short-tempered
- Inverted snobbery
- Distrustful
Ambitions Once upon a time, seeing his daughter grow up and his family blossom was his heart's truest desire. When this was snatched from him, a desire for revenge against the Cardassians consumed him, and a rage to see an end to their numerous injustices against the people of the DMZ. Following the conclusion of the Dominion War some years later, Xal managed to find some semblance of inner peace, and although his rage never truly left him, he was able to redirect his energies and interests to serving the Federation one more, and guiding the newest generation of recruits.
Hobbies & Interests Xal Ra-Movraii is a competitive drinker and gambler, but always in a friendly and outgoing manner. In his younger years, he enjoyed various martial arts, discovering an aptitude for the human art of boxing, and became an accomplished fighter in certain Federation circles. In later life, he has uncovered a quieter interest in reading, and when he is not throwing back drinks in the noncom bars, he is content to digest the latest (romance) novels he discovers at starbase shops.

Personal History Please see BFMS entry.

Service Number PH-303-061-WFX
Security Clearance Delta-Two: Limited access to all station records, systems, commands, and computers. Access limited to duty related functions.
Data Access Level Level 3: Limited access to all classified and secret Starfleet or Federation documents and records. Access is limited on a 'need to know' basis.
Authorisation Code Ra-Movraii-Upsilon-6-5-5
Command Training Yes
Pilot Licence Grade 2: Authorised to fly auxiliary vessels at low warp.