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Commodore Kudred Valyn

Name Kudred Valyn

Position Deputy Commander Task Force &
Deputy Director (Operations) Delta Exploration Initiative

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian/Bajoran
Age 45
Date of Birth 2354
Place of Birth Occupied Bajor, Cardassian Union
Homeworld Cardassia Prime
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Build Average
Height 6' 0''
Weight 12st 10lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Standing at six feet tall, Kudred initially appears very typical for an adult Cardassian male, although his neck ridges are not nearly as pronounced as his countrymen. However, he wears his black hair in a swept style atypical of the Cardassian people, and unlike so many of the species, he sports unique facial hair that stretches across his jaw. The gentle ridges that rest upon his nose belie his half-Bajoran ancestry.


Partner None
Children None
Parent(s) Father: Legate Krenn Kudred (Cardassian legate; Central Command)
Mother: Valyn Karem (Bajoran, presumed deceased)
Sibling(s) Dalin Soresh Kudred (deceased; paternal half-brother)
Dalin Cal Kudred (deceased; paternal half-brother)
Zygil Vadrek (née Kudred) (half-sister) – botanist
Other Family Cardassian Family

Step-Mother Jana Kudred
Nephews Masa & Sorekh Vadrek
Niece Jana Vadrek
Cousin Glinn Hygal Kudred

Bajoran Family

Aunt Roan Caris
Uncle (by marriage) Roan Donnel
Cousin Roan Torvis

Personality & Traits

General Overview A philosopher and tactician at heart, the reserved and polite Commander Kudred embodies many of the traits common to his two progenitor races. Harbouring strongly-ingrained views on the conduct of law and order, he is a committed Starfleet officer with heartfelt beliefs and a deep-set dedication to the Federation's ideals and the belief in the rights of the individual. A contemplative character, Kudred is nevertheless fascinated by the anthropology of the galaxy's cultures and races, and his sense of exploration has been awoken by the opportunities afforded by the Delta Exploration Initiative.

To his colleagues, he is an interested, compassionate and considerate individual, albeit somewhat reserved and dedicated to remaining the consummate professional. However, in tense situations, a harder part of his personality will come to the fore; he does not suffer fools easily, and expects a high standard of work and presentation from those around him. Despite his polite character and caring undertones, he can sometimes struggle with relationships of a personal nature, preferring to lose himself in his work and logistics.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kudred has a keen tactical mind and a deep interest in the socio-political and military systems and developments of species and nations, and devotes a great deal of his time to keeping himself up-to-date on all power shifts and the key figures responsible. He is also deeply loyal to the ideals of the Federation and the Starfleet he has sworn to serve, and so takes a hard line in his views towards those he deems to be detracting or betraying those principles.

Similarly, this hardness of character has caused him to struggle in making and keeping many personal/close friends, preferring instead his dedication to duty and his commitment to assisting in whatever way he can to improve the lot of both his progenitor races and the Federation. In light of this, he can sometimes come across as callous or disinterested in the emotional struggles of individuals. Whilst this may be the impression, he actually cares deeply about the plights of those around him, but not at the expense of the overall goal at hand. He definitely has a hard time relaxing around other people, and is rarely considered to have "switched off". It would not be uncommon to see Kudred still in his uniform when off-duty.

There are many situations in which rather than taking sides or making a comment, Kudred will simply remain silent and offer a stoic glare to those around him.
Ambitions Kudred's true ambitions lie with seeing Cardassia rebuilt and developed into a free and prosperous union, exhibiting the ideals of freedom of expression, public political engagement, but still honouring time-held traditions and military expertise. It is also Kudred's hope to learn more of his 'second' homeworld of Bajor; to truly understand and comprehend its peoples, culture and indeed the Prophets that claim to guide and protect them.

It is the interest in his homeworlds that has led Kudred to seek out assignments predominantly preoccupied with the Cardassian border and the surrounding regions, honing his understand and expertise of the local political climate.

In terms of his career, Kudred has undoubtedly prioritised his life within Starfleet over having any family of his own, although he regularly stays in contact with his half-sister and her young children, with whom he has developed a close bond with. However, he has turned down active commands of his own in favour of strategic operations and projects extending Starfleet/Federation presence and ideals.

In recent years, Kudred's fascination with anthropology has extended into the cultures and histories of the species of the Delta Quadrant. Whilst he has a deep desire to uncover the mysteries of that far-flung location, he also harbours a desire to bring together the Federation and the nations touched by the USS Voyager during her initial journey through the quadrant. This ambition is taking form through his actions within the Delta Exploration Initiative, and his desire to form/spearhead a 'Delta Outreach Project', and consume as much data regarding the factions of the Delta Quadrant as possible. Of particular note to the commander is the Nacene Reach.
Hobbies & Interests Kudred has a deep interest in the history and politics of all of the major players in the Alpha/Beta Quadrant power struggle, but has a particular fascination with the history and cultures of Cardassia and Bajor the most.

When on duty, Kudred delights in the part of his role that requires him to compile data of ship movements, political changes and tactical analyses, and he takes a particular delight in assisting with the organisation of vessels moving to and from the Barzan Wormhole, including non-Federation organisations. When off-duty, he can often be found reading old Bajoran and Cardassian texts. During shoreleave, he has been known to visit ancient archaeological sites with links to precursor races and those linked to his own heritage.

To further develop his understanding of his maternal line, Kudred also maintains a small shrine to the Prophets in his quarters, accompanied as it is by Hebitian texts saved from Cardassia Prime decades before.

He has a penchant for Earth classical music, both Cardassian and Bajoran fine dining, and a variety of wines, ales and spirits. He was introduced to scotch by a former lecturer at the Academy, John "McBride of Frankenstein", and now insists on procuring authentic bottles when possible. Kudred also has a fondness for plomeek tea.

Personal History Please see BFMS entry.

Service Number QZ-147-941-YCX
Security Clearance Alpha-Two: Unlimited access to all records, systems, command functions, and computers.
Data Access Level Level 5: Unlimited access to all classified, secret, top-secret, ultra-secret Starfleet or Federation documents and records.
Authorisation Code Kudred-Kappa-7-7-6
Command Training Yes
Pilot Licence Grade 6 Authorised to fly any starship in the fleet. Trained in large starships and high speed maneuvers.