TF38HQ - Mithrar Anchorage

Welcome to Delta-Bravo - The Headquarters of Task Force 38!

In the 2390s, the long-thought unusable Barzan Wormhole was stabilised, connecting the distant Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant's Barzan System once more and permitting near-instant travel between the two quadrants when the wormhole opened once each month.

Through the efforts of the earliest explorations of the Delta Quadrant by Task Force 38 - formed with the mission profile to re-establish contact with the species encountered by the starship Voyager thirty years ago - a unique agreement was reached between the Federation and the Turei.

Guardians of a complex series of subspace tunnels known as Underspace that stretch far across the Delta Quadrant in all directions, the Turei have tentatively entered into an alliance with Task Force 38, who have established a joint presence on their station Mithrar Anchorage located at an Underspace nexus in the Gradin Belt.

Serving as the headquarters for the task force to coordinate Starfleet's operations in the Delta Quadrant, and designated Delta-Bravo by its Starfleet guests, Mithrar Anchorage is tasked with the protection and management of these tunnels - as well as serving as a focal point of commerce, enterprise and industry for the Turei and their Delta Quadrant neighbours.

Delta-Bravo is the sole waystation for Starfleet ships exploring these far-distant frontiers, a single Federation bastion in a dark and perilous quadrant of the galaxy. As new alliances are forged and new threats emerge, with doubts and troubles plaguing the tumultuous region Delta-Bravo calls home, are you ready to join us in helping preserve the future?

Delta-Bravo is a proud member of Bravo Fleet and is the headquarters of Task Force 38.

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Area of Operations

Currently, Task Force 38 mainly operates in the Gradin Belt and the Nacene Reach. Delta-Bravo, the Starfleet designation for the combined Turei-Starfleet installation Mithrar Anchorage, is the headquarters of Task Force 38, and is situated close to the Delta Quadrant end of the Barzan wormhole and adjacent to an entrance to the series of subspace tunnels known as Underspace. Through their fledgling alliance with the Turei, the Task Force is able to access some extended sectors of the Delta Quadrant through these tunnels - but in return is also charged with their defence.

The Gradin Belt is an area of space at the conflux of a number of major powers in the Delta Quadrant, close to the end of Voyager’s journey. Of all of the areas TF38 operates in, this is the region that is known the most about. Here, Starfleet’s main priority is monitoring the races in the area and establishing strong, reciprocal diplomatic relationships to allow them to continue their exploratory efforts. This area is home to the Devore, the Hierarchy, the Vaadwaur, and a number of other races that match or exceed the Federation’s technology levels.

The Nacene Reach is an area of space several thousand light-years in diameter approximately 70,000 light-years from Federation space. Named for the Nacene, a powerful race of extragalactic explorers who travelled through this area of space centuries ago and built the array that brought the starship Voyager to the Delta Quadrant, this area is home to the Ocampa, the Talaxians, the Haakonian Order, the Kazon Collective, the Trabe, and the Vidiian Sodality - plus a number of other races which still manage to hold onto vast swaths of territory despite limited technological advancement.

Between these two areas are the Swallow Nebula and the Nekrit Expanse. TF38 will eventually expand its operations to include these two areas, which are much more distant than the other two regions, and currently only accessible via the subspace tunnels in a short timespan.

The Nekrit Expanse is a nebular region in the Delta Quadrant that provides a natural barrier between the advanced species (such as the Borg, the Devore, etc.) who occupy space closer to the Galactic Core and the resource-poor, technologically-inferior species closer to the rim (the Kazon, Vidiians, etc.). This area of space is largely uncharted because of the navigational challenge it poses even to advanced vessels. This area of space is on the extreme edge of Borg space (including the entrance to the so-called Northwest Passage) and is sparsely populated.

The Swallow Nebula is a large Mutara-class nebula approximately half-way through Voyager’s path through the Delta Quadrant. It is bordered by a number of mid-level powers, including the Alsuran Empire, the Krenim Imperium, the B’Omar Sovereignty, and the Hirogen, and it borders The Void, which separates it from the Gradin Belt by 2,500 light-years. Voyager was largely unable to establish diplomatic relations with the powers in this area of space, but it is critical to do so in order to monitor the Borg, which is why a task group is being sent to attempt to try again.

Latest Mission Posts

» Post 72 - Dinner Party Politics

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Posted on Sun Nov 15th, 2020 @ 12:14pm by Rear Admiral Matthew Cody & Captain Brigham & Special Envoy Taylor Parkinson

[Delta-Bravo - Mithrar Sector]
[Diplomatic Suites - Conference Room]
[Day 11 - 1930hrs]

The working dinner invitations had been dutifully sent out by Ms Sauveterre the day before, about an hour after the meeting between the Turei and the Federation's diplomatic teams once aide's from all parties had confirmed schedule…

» Post 71 - Security Greetings

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2020 @ 10:27am by Lieutenant Vausees "Vax" Ves & Lieutenant Mine-runner

===DS9 (Deep Space Nine) - Vausees Quarters=== 

A soft chime called out the Vausees as she slept in her quarters on DS9. A soft groan from her lips would escape as her eyes opened. Rolling over, she looked at the soft glow that emanated from the bulkhead near her bedside…

» Post 70 – There’s Profit on the Horizon

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Posted on Fri Oct 30th, 2020 @ 5:01pm by Razak

[Barzan Wormhole – Alpha Terminus]
[Day 1]

With the conclusion of the meeting with the Turei, Razak and Obon were ready to make way for the wormhole and make the crossing into the Gradin Belt. The only uncertainty left was how willing the species in the Delta Quadrant would accept…

» Post 69 - Rule of Acquisition #3 - Part 3

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 7:36pm by Razak

[Grid C3, Alpha Quadrant]
[Near Starbase 38]
[Day 1]

“We agreed on 10,000 bars!” Shouted the Turei negotiator.

“Listen, my friend” Razak negotiated “I am nothing but fair and more than willing to hold up my end of the agreement but I need assurances that the Turei will hold up…

» Post 68 - Rule of Acquisition #3 - Part 2

Mission: Episode 1: The Demon with the Golden Voice
Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 7:33pm by Razak

[Alpha Quadrant]
[Razak’s Bar & Gaming]
[Day 1]

With the final stages of preparation to depart for the Barzan Wormhole in full swing, Razak had still not heard from Obon regarding his task to acquire access to Starfleet’s long-range communications array. Regardless of his associates progress, Razak was still determined…

Latest Personal Logs

» Person log 1 - First Encounters

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 1:50pm by Lieutenant Orson Beckett Ph.D

[At Warp - Delta Quadrant]
[USS Archangel - Temporary Quarters]
[Day Six - 1330 Hours (Ship Time)]

Sitting down in front of his Library Computer Access/Retrieval System or more commonly known as LCARS Orson pressed the power button and watched the system boot. He took a sidewards glance to his…